In the morning when you have to wake up to school you are usually tired, and annoyed, right? Here is some other people’s morning
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social suicide

The #1 thing that populars fear most. If you don’t know what social suicide is here is a short explanation: a popular who risks doing something that ruins their reputation. How to create social suicide- create something embarrassing or not “cool”. How to prevent it- don’t take risks.

what will you choose?


The first week of school is gone now its time to get serious. Thera are a lot of questions people have asked me lately. Here is a frequently asked question: “How do I get the teachers to like me?” Well here are the steps to accomplish your goal.

Step one: calm down. That means to respect the teacher. Don’t interrupt her/him or when they’re talking, or make comments.

Step two: ask questions. The teachers love to know that you are interested in the subject. But listen, you don’t want to ask the same question that someone else asked.

Step three: Be a good student. Study, have your homework. That makes them feel that they are doing a good job as a teacher.

Crushing 101

my crush: classified                                                                                                                                           your crush: ?                                                                                                                                                         can’t talk to your crush because you’ll freak-out? Or just say random words? Here is how to avoid that with 3 easy steps. step 1: take three big breaths. step 2: try writing a note in their locker or backpack. step 3: relax, and try to talk about things that you have in common. Continue reading

First Day Of School

Excited or nervous? I have gotten many requests to make a blog post on what to do on the first day of school. Here are some frequently asked questions, what to wear? Anything that shows your personality. Teachers want to get to know you, so show them who you are. What if  I don’t fit in? There are two solutions to this problem:  1# Don’t fit in, be the different one. 2# join a conversation, start talking, and look confident.

Ask more questions for me to answer!!!